A Mouthwatering Recipe for the Best Reuben Sandwich

Are you craving a mouthwatering and satisfying sandwich that will leave you wanting more? Look no further than the Best Reuben Sandwich recipe! This classic deli favorite brings together layers of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, all packed between two slices of rye bread. Whether you’re a fan of tangy sauerkraut or the savory combination of meat and cheese, this iconic sandwich has something for everyone. Get ready to sink your teeth into a flavor-packed delight that will transport your taste buds to sandwich heaven!

A Mouthwatering Recipe for the Best Reuben Sandwich | 101 Simple Recipe
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The History of the Reuben Sandwich

The origins and evolution of the iconic Reuben sandwich are as fascinating as they are delicious. This beloved classic has a rich history that has shaped its popularity today.

The Origins of the Reuben Sandwich

The exact origins of the Reuben sandwich are a matter of debate, but one thing is for certain – it was born in New York City. The most widely accepted story is that the sandwich was created in the early 20th century at Reuben’s Delicatessen by Arnold Reuben. The original sandwich consisted of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye bread.

Others claim that the Reuben sandwich was invented by Reuben Kulakofsky, a grocer from Omaha, Nebraska. According to this version, the sandwich was first served at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha in the 1920s. Regardless of who gets the credit, the Reuben sandwich quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Regional Variations of the Reuben Sandwich

As the Reuben sandwich gained popularity, it also underwent regional variations across the United States. In some areas, pastrami replaced corned beef as the meat of choice. In others, coleslaw replaced sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing became the go-to condiment instead of Russian dressing. Creative twists on the classic Reuben continue to emerge, with additions like avocado, turkey, or bacon expanding the possibilities.

In Jewish delis, you may find the “Rachel” sandwich, a variation of the Reuben that swaps out the corned beef for turkey or pastrami and replaces the sauerkraut with coleslaw or cabbage. This version has become a favorite among those who observe kosher dietary laws. ️

The Rise of the Reuben Sandwich in Popularity

Over the years, the Reuben sandwich has risen in popularity and become a staple on menus across the country. Its unique combination of flavors, textures, and ingredients makes it a crowd-pleaser for sandwich enthusiasts. From diners and delis to upscale restaurants, the Reuben can be found in various forms and interpretations. ️

Today, the Reuben sandwich continues to delight food lovers who appreciate its tangy sauerkraut, flavorful Russian dressing, and hearty layers of meat and cheese. Its enduring appeal and versatility have secured its place as one of the most beloved sandwiches in American cuisine.

The Best Ingredients for a Perfect Reuben Sandwich

When it comes to creating the best Reuben sandwich, the key is to pay attention to the ingredients. Each component plays a crucial role in achieving the ultimate flavor that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Let’s dive into the best ingredients that will make your Reuben sandwich a mouthwatering delight.

The Perfect Bread for a Reuben Sandwich

The first element that sets the foundation for a delectable Reuben sandwich is the bread. Traditional rye bread is the preferred choice due to its hearty and robust flavor that perfectly complements the other ingredients. The bread should be thick enough to hold up to the generous fillings, yet soft enough to provide a pleasant texture when bitten into. The satisfying crunch of toasted rye bread will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your Reuben experience.

Choosing the Right Corned Beef

The quality of the corned beef is of paramount importance in creating an exceptional Reuben sandwich. Opt for well-marbled corned beef, ideally sourced from a reputable butcher or deli. The marbling adds richness and succulence to the meat, ensuring that each bite is tender and flavorful. For an authentic Reuben, the corned beef should be thinly sliced to easily meld with the other ingredients and intensify the overall taste.

Pro tip: Slow-cooked corned beef is known to produce an even more tender and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Consider using a slow cooker or oven to achieve this result.

Enhancing the Flavor with Sauerkraut and Thousand Island Dressing

No true Reuben sandwich is complete without the tangy bite of sauerkraut and the creamy goodness of Thousand Island dressing. Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, adds a distinctive sour and crispy element that balances the richness of the other ingredients. The acidity of sauerkraut also aids in cutting through the heaviness of the corned beef and cheese.

As for Thousand Island dressing, it brings together all the flavors of the Reuben sandwich, acting as a bridge that harmonizes the meat, cheese, and sauerkraut. The creamy, slightly tangy dressing adds a luscious texture and a burst of flavor to every bite. Mixing mayonnaise, ketchup, sweet pickle relish, and a touch of lemon juice creates a homemade Thousand Island dressing that perfectly complements the Reuben.

Note: Experimentation with homemade dressings or variations of store-bought Thousand Island dressings can provide a unique twist to your Reuben sandwich.

By carefully selecting the best ingredients for your Reuben sandwich, you can elevate it to new heights and create a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Remember, the perfect bread, high-quality corned beef, and the ideal balance of sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing are the secrets to achieving a mouthwatering Reuben sandwich that will have everyone asking for your recipe. Happy cooking and indulging in this classic deli delight!

For a delicious Reuben sandwich recipe, check out this article. It provides a step-by-step guide for making a mouthwatering Reuben sandwich that is sure to impress.

Expert Tips for Building the Ideal Reuben Sandwich

When it comes to creating the perfect Reuben sandwich, professional chefs have some insider tips and techniques up their sleeves. These tricks will ensure that your sandwich is perfectly balanced and bursting with flavor. Follow these expert tips to elevate your Reuben sandwich game to a whole new level.

Layering the Ingredients for Optimal Taste

The key to a mouthwatering Reuben sandwich lies in the art of layering the ingredients. Start with a base of high-quality rye bread, known for its slightly tangy flavor. Spread a generous amount of Russian or Thousand Island dressing on one side of the bread. This creamy and tangy sauce will add a burst of flavor to every bite.

Next, pile on the thinly sliced corned beef. Make sure to evenly distribute the meat to ensure that each bite is packed with its savory goodness. Top the corned beef with a layer of Swiss cheese. The cheese will melt beautifully when heated, adding a rich and creamy element to the sandwich.

To balance out the flavors, add a layer of sauerkraut. This tangy and crunchy topping cuts through the richness of the meat and cheese, providing a refreshing contrast. Finally, top it off with another slice of rye bread.

Remember, the secret to achieving optimal taste is in the careful arrangement of each layer. This ensures that you get a perfect combination of flavors and textures in every bite.

The Right Cooking Method for Melting Cheese

One of the highlights of a Reuben sandwich is the melty, gooey cheese that binds all the ingredients together. To achieve the perfect melt, it’s essential to use the right cooking method.

The best way to melt the cheese is by grilling the sandwich. Heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat and add a dollop of butter or oil. Place the sandwich on the hot surface and press it down gently with a spatula. This helps to evenly distribute the heat and ensure that the cheese melts uniformly.

Cook the sandwich for a few minutes on each side, until the bread turns golden brown and crispy, and the cheese is completely melted. The warmth from the grill will create a luscious, melted cheese layer that binds all the ingredients together, making every bite irresistible.

How to Achieve the Ideal Crunch with Grilled Bread

A Reuben sandwich isn’t complete without a satisfying crunch. To achieve the ideal crunch, it’s crucial to properly grill the bread.

Start by spreading a thin layer of butter or dressing on the outer side of each bread slice. This will help create a golden and crispy crust. Place the assembled sandwich on a heated grill or griddle over medium heat.

Press the sandwich down with a spatula to flatten it slightly. This ensures that the bread gets evenly toasted and develops a lovely crunch. Cook the sandwich for a few minutes on each side, until you achieve the desired level of crispiness.

Once the bread is perfectly grilled, remove it from the heat and let it rest for a minute before slicing. This will help to lock in the flavors and ensure that the crunch remains intact.

By following these expert tips for building the ideal Reuben sandwich, you’ll be able to create a masterpiece that is bursting with flavors and textures. So go ahead and try these insider techniques to take your Reuben sandwich to new heights!

Pairing and Serving Suggestions for the Reuben Sandwich

When it comes to enjoying a mouthwatering Reuben sandwich, choosing the right beverages and side dishes can take your culinary experience to the next level. Whether you’re hosting a brunch or simply treating yourself to a delicious meal, here are some tips to elevate your Reuben sandwich game and serve it like a pro.

Beverage Pairings for the Reuben Sandwich

No Reuben sandwich is complete without a well-paired beverage. To enhance the flavors of this classic sandwich, consider these options:

  • Beer: A cold beer is a classic choice to enjoy with a Reuben. Opt for a crisp and refreshing lager or a malty amber ale to complement the savory flavors of the sandwich.
  • Whiskey: For those who prefer spirits, a glass of whiskey can be an excellent choice. The smoky and complex notes of the whiskey can complement the richness of the Reuben sandwich.
  • Sparkling Water: If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, sparkling water can be a great choice to cleanse your palate between each flavorful bite of the sandwich.

Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with a Reuben Sandwich

A perfectly crafted Reuben sandwich deserves equally delicious side dishes. Consider these delectable options to accompany your meal:

  • Crispy French Fries: Served hot and golden, crispy french fries can add a satisfying crunch to your Reuben experience. Sprinkle them with some sea salt or spice them up with paprika for an extra kick.
  • Coleslaw: The refreshing and tangy flavors of coleslaw can be a great contrast to the richness of the Reuben. Opt for a creamy and well-seasoned coleslaw to round out your meal.
  • Pickle Spears: Pickles are a classic accompaniment to any deli sandwich, and the Reuben is no exception. The briny and crunchy pickle spears can provide a delightful balance to the savory flavors of the sandwich.

Presenting and Serving the Reuben Sandwich with Style

Serving a Reuben sandwich with style can enhance the overall dining experience. Consider these tips to elevate the presentation:

  • Plating: ️ Place the Reuben sandwich on a stylish plate or a wooden cutting board for a rustic touch. You can also add a garnish of fresh herbs, such as parsley or dill, to add a pop of color.
  • Cut it diagonally: Cutting the Reuben sandwich diagonally not only makes it visually appealing but also makes it easier to pick up and enjoy. This simple trick adds an element of sophistication to your presentation.
  • Serve with a side of Russian dressing: Offering a small ramekin of Russian dressing on the side allows your guests to customize their sandwich according to their taste preferences. It also adds a touch of elegance to your presentation.

By considering these pairing and serving suggestions, you can take your Reuben sandwich experience to new heights. Whether you’re indulging in this classic sandwich at a restaurant or in the comfort of your own home, these tips will help you enjoy it like a pro. Cheers to a delightful meal!

Exploring Unique Variations and Twists on the Classic Reuben Sandwich

Explore the exciting world of unique variations and twists on the classic Reuben sandwich! This beloved sandwich has been reimagined by creative chefs and home cooks alike, resulting in mouthwatering combinations of unexpected ingredients and flavors that will take your culinary experience to the next level. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover new ways to enjoy this timeless sandwich.

Vegetarian and Vegan Reuben Sandwich Options

For those who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, there are incredible options available that deliver all the satisfying flavors of a traditional Reuben sandwich without the meat. These innovative variations showcase the versatility of vegetarian and vegan ingredients, proving that you don’t need meat to create a delicious and satisfying sandwich.

One popular vegetarian twist on the Reuben sandwich swaps out the traditional corned beef with savory slices of marinated tofu or seitan. These plant-based alternatives provide a similar texture and flavor profile, making them a great substitute for meat. Top it off with tangy sauerkraut, melty Swiss cheese (or vegan cheese), and creamy Russian dressing, all sandwiched between slices of hearty rye bread, and you have yourself a vegetarian Reuben sandwich that will leave you craving more.

If you prefer a vegan option, you can easily omit the cheese or use vegan cheese alternatives, creating a dairy-free version of the Reuben sandwich. Additionally, you can experiment with swapping out the Russian dressing for a tangy vegan Thousand Island dressing or a zesty vegan aioli, adding a unique twist to the flavor profile.

International Reuben Sandwich Variations

The Reuben sandwich’s popularity has spread far beyond its American roots, inspiring creative interpretations and variations from around the world. These international twists add a global flair to the classic Reuben, incorporating unique ingredients and culinary traditions from different cultures.

One international variation that stands out is the Japanese-inspired Reuben sandwich. This twist replaces the traditional rye bread with pillowy-soft steamed buns, known as “nikuman” or “bao.” Inside these fluffy buns, you’ll find a delectable combination of thinly sliced wagyu beef, marinated cabbage, tangy miso mayo, and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. The result is a fusion of flavors that combines the richness of the Reuben with the delicate balance of Japanese cuisine.

Another international spin on the Reuben sandwich comes from the vibrant streets of Mexico. This version, known as the “Reuben Torta,” features all the classic components of the Reuben sandwich, but with a Mexican twist. The corned beef is replaced with succulent carne asada, the sauerkraut is swapped for tangy pickled jalapenos, and the Russian dressing is transformed into a spicy chipotle mayo. All of this is stuffed inside a crusty bolillo roll, creating a mouthwatering fusion of flavors.

Gourmet Twists on the Classic Reuben Sandwich

For those looking for a gourmet take on the Reuben sandwich, these twists offer indulgent ingredients and elevated flavors that will make your taste buds sing. These gourmet variations take the classic Reuben to a whole new level of sophistication and culinary excellence.

One gourmet twist on the Reuben sandwich involves the addition of luscious foie gras. This decadent ingredient adds a richness and buttery texture that complements the flavors of the traditional Reuben components beautifully. Think tender slices of foie gras layered with thinly sliced corned beef, creamy Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, all sandwiched between slices of toasted brioche. This gourmet Reuben will transport you to a world of luxury and indulgence.

For a surf and turf twist, some chefs have incorporated succulent lobster into the Reuben sandwich. Picture juicy chunks of buttery lobster meat, piled high on a bed of tender corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and tangy Russian dressing, all nestled between slices of artisanal bread. The combination of flavors creates a truly extravagant dining experience.

These are just a few examples of the unique variations and twists on the classic Reuben sandwich that have taken the culinary world by storm. Whether you’re a vegetarian, a fan of international flavors, or a gourmet enthusiast, there’s a Reuben sandwich variation out there waiting to delight your taste buds. So, get ready to embark on a culinary adventure and experience the endless possibilities of this beloved sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best Reuben sandwich recipe. We hope you found it informative and inspiring for your next sandwich-making adventure. If you have any further questions or need more details, please refer to the FAQs below. Don’t hesitate to visit us again later for more delicious recipes and culinary tips. Happy cooking!

No. Questions Answers
1. What type of bread is best for a Reuben sandwich? Rye bread is traditionally used in Reuben sandwiches for its tangy flavor and sturdy texture. However, you can also experiment with other bread varieties like marbled rye, pumpernickel, or even sourdough to personalize your sandwich.
2. Can I substitute corned beef with another meat? While corned beef is the classic choice for a Reuben sandwich, you can try using pastrami, turkey, or even vegetarian alternatives like tempeh or seitan if you prefer. It’s all about finding the flavors and textures that suit your taste buds!
3. What’s the secret to a perfectly melted Swiss cheese? To achieve that gooey, melted Swiss cheese goodness, place the assembled sandwich under the broiler for a few minutes or pop it in a sandwich press. The heat will melt the cheese beautifully, creating that iconic Reuben experience.
4. Can I make my own Russian dressing? Absolutely! Homemade Russian dressing can elevate your Reuben sandwich to a whole new level. Mix mayonnaise, ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and a touch of hot sauce. Adjust the ingredients to your taste and enjoy the tangy, creamy goodness.
5. What are some popular side dishes to serve with a Reuben sandwich? Common side dishes that pair well with a Reuben sandwich include crispy french fries, tangy coleslaw, dill pickles, or a refreshing salad. These accompaniments add a nice contrast of flavors and textures to your meal.
6. Can I make a Reuben sandwich ahead of time and reheat it? Although a freshly assembled Reuben sandwich is the best, you can prepare the individual components in advance and store them separately. When you’re ready to enjoy your sandwich, simply heat up the ingredients and assemble the Reuben for a warm and delicious treat.

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A Mouthwatering Recipe for the Best Reuben Sandwich | 101 Simple Recipe

Best Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Discover the best Reuben sandwich recipe and create a mouthwatering classic at home. Perfectly toasted rye bread, tender corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, melty Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing blend harmoniously in this iconic sandwich. Elevate your sandwich-making skills and savor the flavors of a Reuben sandwich today.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 495 kcal


  • 4 slices rye bread
  • 8 oz corned beef thinly sliced
  • 1 cup sauerkraut drained
  • 4 slices Swiss cheese
  • ¼ cup Russian dressing
  • 2 tbsp butter softened


  • Preheat your grill or panini press to medium-high heat.
  • Spread butter on one side of each bread slice. On the unbuttered side of two slices, layer corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing. Top with the remaining bread slices, buttered side facing up.
  • Place the sandwiches onto the preheated grill or panini press. Cook for approximately 4-5 minutes per side, or until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted.
  • Remove the sandwiches from the grill or press. Let them cool for a minute, then slice in half. Serve hot and delight in the mouthwatering flavors of a classic Reuben sandwich.
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