baked scallops recipe easy

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe to satisfy your seafood cravings? Look no further than this delectable baked scallops recipe! ️ Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef, this dish is sure to impress your taste buds with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. With just a few simple ingredients and easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have a mouthwatering seafood feast ready in no time. So, let’s dive into this scrumptious baked scallops recipe and discover the perfect balance of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

baked scallops recipe easy | 101 Simple Recipe
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Exploring Baked Scallops Recipe Easy

Discover the delightful and hassle-free way to prepare baked scallops with this easy recipe guide.

Why choose Baked Scallops?

Baked scallops are a popular choice for seafood enthusiasts due to their succulent and delicate flavor. These delectable shellfish are known for their tender texture and sweet taste, making them a favorite among both seafood lovers and those new to the culinary world of scallops. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or looking to impress your family with a delicious homemade meal, baked scallops are the perfect dish to add to your repertoire.

One of the main reasons why baked scallops are a go-to option for many is because of their simplicity and ease of preparation. With just a few basic ingredients and minimal cooking time, you can whip up a mouthwatering dish in no time. This makes it an ideal choice for busy individuals who want to enjoy a gourmet meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

Another advantage of baked scallops is their versatility. You can serve them as an appetizer, a main course, or even incorporate them into pasta dishes or salads. The mild flavor of the scallops allows them to pair well with various seasonings and ingredients, giving you endless opportunities to experiment and create your own unique culinary creations.

What You Need to Make Baked Scallops

To make baked scallops, you’ll only need a handful of ingredients, making it a budget-friendly option for seafood enthusiasts. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  1. Fresh scallops: Opt for high-quality, fresh scallops from a reputable seafood market.
  2. Butter: Use unsalted butter to allow the natural flavors of the scallops to shine.
  3. Garlic: Fresh garlic adds a robust and aromatic element to the dish.
  4. Lemon juice: The citrusy brightness of lemon juice complements the sweetness of the scallops.
  5. Parsley: Fresh parsley adds a touch of freshness and color to the dish.
  6. Seasonings: Salt, black pepper, and any other preferred seasonings to enhance the flavor of the scallops.

These simple ingredients can easily be found at your local grocery store, making it convenient to whip up a batch of baked scallops whenever the craving strikes.

Preparing the Scallops

Now that you have your ingredients ready, it’s time to prepare the scallops for baking. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Preheat your oven to the specified temperature mentioned in your chosen recipe.
  2. Remove the scallops from their shells, if necessary, and pat them dry with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture.
  3. In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté until fragrant.
  4. Add the scallops to the saucepan and cook them for a few minutes on each side until they turn opaque and slightly browned.
  5. Drizzle the scallops with lemon juice and sprinkle them with parsley, salt, and black pepper.
  6. Transfer the scallops to a baking dish and bake them in the preheated oven for the specified amount of time or until they are cooked through.
  7. Once done, remove the scallops from the oven and let them rest for a few minutes before serving.

Voila! Your perfectly baked scallops are ready to be enjoyed. Serve them as an appetizer with a tangy dipping sauce or as a main course alongside your favorite side dishes.

So why wait? Try this easy baked scallops recipe and treat yourself to a delightful seafood dish that will surely impress your taste buds!

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Choosing the Perfect Scallops

When it comes to preparing a delicious baked scallops dish, selecting the right scallops is essential. The quality of the scallops you choose will greatly influence the taste and texture of your recipe. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the perfect scallops for your dish.

Fresh vs. Frozen Scallops

One important decision to make when selecting scallops is whether to go for fresh or frozen ones. Both options have their own advantages and it ultimately depends on your preference and availability.

Fresh scallops are the epitome of culinary delight. They are harvested directly from the sea, giving them a tender texture and delicate flavor. Fresh scallops are perfect if you want to savor the natural taste of the sea in your baked scallops recipe. However, it’s important to note that fresh scallops can be more expensive and may not be easily accessible depending on your location.

Frozen scallops, on the other hand, offer convenience and a longer shelf life. They are often flash-frozen shortly after harvest, preserving their freshness for an extended period. Frozen scallops are a great option if you don’t have access to fresh scallops or if you need to plan your recipe in advance. Just make sure to properly thaw the frozen scallops before cooking to maintain their maximum flavor and texture.

Dry-Pack vs. Wet-Pack Scallops

Another factor to consider when choosing scallops for your baked dish is whether to opt for dry-pack or wet-pack scallops. These terms refer to the processing and packaging methods used for the scallops.

Dry-pack scallops are devoid of any additives or preservatives. They are shucked and immediately packaged without any extra liquids. Dry-pack scallops are known to offer a more intense flavor and a firm texture, making them perfect for searing, grilling, and baking. However, they can be more expensive compared to wet-pack scallops.

Wet-pack scallops, on the other hand, are treated with a solution of water and sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) to help preserve their texture and appearance. While the treatment may extend the shelf life of the scallops, it can also alter their natural flavor and make them appear plumper. Wet-pack scallops are often more affordable and widely available, making them a popular choice for many cooks.

How to Store Scallops

Proper storage of scallops is crucial to maintain their freshness and quality. Here are a few tips on how to store scallops effectively:

  1. Keep them refrigerated: Immediately upon bringing your scallops home, store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator. A temperature range of 30°F to 34°F (-1°C to 1°C) is ideal for maintaining their freshness.
  2. Use an airtight container: Place the scallops in an airtight container or resealable bag to prevent them from coming into contact with other foods and to avoid any odors from affecting their flavor.
  3. Consume within two days: Fresh scallops should ideally be consumed within two days of purchase or defrosting. The longer you store them, the more their quality may decline.
  4. Avoid freezing them twice: If you have defrosted frozen scallops, it’s best not to refreeze them again. This can affect their texture and taste.

By following these storage tips, you can ensure that your scallops remain fresh and flavorful, ready to be transformed into a delectable baked scallops recipe.

The Key Ingredients and Seasonings

When it comes to creating a delicious baked scallops dish, having the right ingredients and seasonings is crucial. These essential elements not only enhance the flavors of the scallops but also add depth and complexity to the overall dish. Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients and seasonings that make baked scallops truly mouthwatering.

Butter and Olive Oil

Butter and olive oil are the foundation of any great baked scallops recipe. These fats not only provide a rich and luscious texture but also help to keep the scallops moist and tender. You can choose to use either butter, olive oil, or a combination of both, depending on your personal preference. The butter adds a creamy and indulgent flavor, while the olive oil adds a fruity and slightly peppery note to the dish. For an extra burst of flavor, you can melt the butter and mix it with some minced garlic or shallots before drizzling it over the scallops.

Note: Adding butter and olive oil to your baked scallops recipe will create a succulent and flavorful dish.

Lemon Juice and Zest

Lemon juice and zest are indispensable ingredients that bring a refreshing and tangy taste to baked scallops. The acidity of the lemon helps to cut through the richness of the butter and lends a bright and vibrant flavor to the dish. Squeezing fresh lemon juice directly over the scallops just before baking will infuse them with a zesty flavor. To further enhance the citrusy taste, you can grate some lemon zest over the scallops as well. The combination of lemon juice and zest adds a burst of freshness that perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Note: Don’t forget to add a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of lemon zest to elevate the flavor of your baked scallops.

Herbs and Spices

Adding herbs and spices to your baked scallops will take them to another level of deliciousness. The choice of herbs and spices is highly subjective, but some popular options include parsley, thyme, garlic powder, paprika, and black pepper. These aromatic ingredients add complexity and depth to the dish, infusing the scallops with a tantalizing aroma and flavor. You can sprinkle a generous amount of your preferred herbs and spices over the scallops before baking or even create a flavorful herb butter to brush on top. The herbs and spices will not only enhance the taste but also create an enticing aroma when the scallops are cooking.

Note: Get creative with your choice of herbs and spices to create a unique and flavorful baked scallops dish.

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By incorporating these key ingredients and seasonings into your baked scallops recipe, you can elevate this seafood delight to new heights. The butter and olive oil provide richness, while the lemon juice and zest bring a refreshing tang. Lastly, the herbs and spices add depth and complexity. Experiment with different combinations and amounts to find the perfect balance of flavors that suits your taste buds. So why wait? Gather these essential elements and create a mouthwatering baked scallops dish that will impress your family and friends.

The Baking Process

When it comes to baking scallops, it’s important to follow a step-by-step process to ensure they come out perfectly cooked and irresistibly delicious. By mastering the techniques outlined below, you can elevate your scallop dish to a whole new level.

Preheating the Oven and Preparing the Baking Dish

The first step in the baking process is preheating your oven. Set the desired temperature to 400°F (200°C) and allow it to preheat for approximately 10 minutes. This will ensure that your scallops cook evenly and develop a golden crust.

While the temperature is rising, take the time to prepare your baking dish. You can use a glass or ceramic baking dish, ensuring that it’s large enough to hold your scallops without overcrowding them. Grease the dish lightly with olive oil or cooking spray to prevent the scallops from sticking.

Seasoning the Scallops

Next, it’s time to season your scallops. This is where you can get creative and add your own personal touch to the dish. The simplest way to season scallops is with a mixture of salt, pepper, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The acidity from the lemon helps to enhance the natural flavors of the scallops.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with different seasonings such as garlic powder, paprika, or dried herbs like thyme or oregano. Just remember not to overpower the delicate flavor of the scallops; a light touch with the seasonings is often best.

The Baking Time and Temperature

Now that your oven is preheated and your scallops are seasoned to perfection, it’s time to bake them. Place the seasoned scallops in the prepared baking dish, ensuring that they are arranged in a single layer. This allows them to cook evenly and ensures a crispy exterior.

For perfectly baked scallops, the recommended baking time is approximately 10-12 minutes. However, the exact cooking time may vary depending on the size and thickness of the scallops. Keep a close eye on them, as overcooking can make them chewy and rubbery.

The ideal internal temperature for scallops is around 125°F (52°C). This will give them a tender, juicy texture. If you have a food thermometer, you can use it to check the internal temperature. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of a scallop to get an accurate reading.

Following these step-by-step instructions will ensure that your baked scallops turn out perfectly every time. With a hot oven, a well-prepared baking dish, and the right seasonings, you’ll be able to enjoy a delightful seafood dish that is both easy to make and bursting with flavor.

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Tips for Serving and Pairing

When it comes to serving baked scallops, there are a few tips and tricks that can take your dish from good to absolutely outstanding. From garnishing and presentation to the perfect side dishes and complementary ingredients, every detail counts. Plus, finding the right wine pairing can elevate your meal to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the best ways to serve your baked scallops and the perfect accompaniments.

Garnishing and Presentation

The presentation of your baked scallops can make a significant difference in how appetizing they appear. Remember, we eat with our eyes first! To create an appealing presentation, consider these garnishing ideas:

  • Add a sprig of fresh dill or parsley to bring a pop of color to your dish.
  • Squeeze a hint of fresh lemon juice over the scallops just before serving to enhance the flavors and provide a vibrant citrus aroma.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of paprika or chili flakes for a touch of spice and visual appeal. ️
  • For an elegant touch, drizzle a delicate sauce or reduction over the scallops. ️

Remember, presentation is a balance between visual appeal and taste. The garnishes should complement the flavors of the baked scallops without overpowering them.

Side Dishes and Complementary Ingredients

When serving baked scallops, it’s important to choose side dishes and complementary ingredients that enhance their delicate flavor. Here are some ideas:

  • Pair your scallops with a refreshing salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and a light vinaigrette dressing.
  • Serve the scallops over a bed of creamy risotto, which adds a rich and comforting element to the dish.
  • Grilled asparagus or roasted Brussels sprouts make excellent vegetable choices that add a hint of earthiness to the scallops.
  • Create a Mediterranean-inspired meal by serving baked scallops with a side of couscous and sautéed Mediterranean vegetables.

Remember to consider the texture, flavor, and overall balance when selecting side dishes and complementary ingredients. You want them to harmonize with the scallops, not overpower them.

Potential Wine Pairings

The right wine pairing can elevate the taste experience of your baked scallops. Whether you prefer a crisp white wine or a light-bodied red, here are some options to consider:

  • A Chardonnay with its buttery notes and hints of oak pairs beautifully with the rich flavors of baked scallops.
  • If you prefer a white wine with more acidity, a Sauvignon Blanc can provide a refreshing contrast to the scallops.
  • For those who enjoy red wine, a Pinot Noir with its light body and red fruit flavors can complement the delicate taste of the scallops.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, a sparkling wine such as Champagne or Prosecco can add a celebratory touch to your meal.

Remember, wine pairing is a matter of personal preference, so feel free to experiment and discover your own favorites.

Note: The above information is for reference purposes only. Please ensure you follow all legal drinking age requirements and drink responsibly.

By considering these tips for serving and pairing your baked scallops, you can create a memorable culinary experience. Remember to experiment and have fun with different combinations until you find the perfect match for your taste buds. Bon appétit!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our easy baked scallops recipe. We hope you found it helpful and inspiring for your next seafood dish. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, this recipe is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal. Don’t forget to bookmark our page and visit again later for more tasty recipes and cooking tips. Happy cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our easy baked scallops recipe:

No. Questions Answers
1. Can I use frozen scallops for this recipe? Yes, you can use frozen scallops. We recommend thawing them before cooking for the best texture.
2. What other seafood can I pair with these baked scallops? You can pair these baked scallops with shrimp, lobster, or even crab for a surf and turf twist.
3. How can I add more flavor to this dish? You can enhance the flavor of the scallops by adding a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or a squeeze of lemon juice before baking.
4. Can I use a different type of cheese instead of Cheddar? Absolutely! This recipe is versatile, and you can use your favorite cheese or a combination of different cheeses for a unique flavor profile.
5. Can I make this recipe ahead of time? While it’s best to serve the baked scallops fresh out of the oven, you can prepare them ahead of time and refrigerate them until ready to bake. Just remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly.
6. What side dishes go well with baked scallops? Some great side dishes to accompany baked scallops are roasted vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, or a fresh mixed green salad.

Closing Thoughts

We appreciate you joining us on this culinary adventure, and we hope our easy baked scallops recipe has left you feeling inspired and excited to create this delightful seafood dish in your own kitchen. Remember, cooking is all about experimenting and adding your personal touch, so don’t be afraid to get creative with the flavors and presentation. We’re thrilled to have shared this recipe with you, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon for more mouthwatering recipes. Until next time, happy cooking!

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baked scallops recipe easy | 101 Simple Recipe

Easy Baked Scallops Recipe

A simple and delicious recipe for baked scallops that will leave you craving more. With a golden crust and tender interior, these scallops make for an impressive and satisfying seafood dish.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Seafood
Servings 4 servings
Calories 240 kcal


  • 1 pound scallops
  • ¼ cup breadcrumbs
  • ¼ cup grated Cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon paprika
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat your oven to 425°F (220°C).
  • In a bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, Cheddar cheese, melted butter, chopped parsley, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. Mix well.
  • Coat each scallop with the breadcrumb mixture, making sure to press it firmly onto the surface.
  • Place the coated scallops onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes or until the scallops are cooked through and the topping is golden brown.
  • Remove the baked scallops from the oven and let them rest for a few minutes. Serve them hot as an appetizer or with your favorite side dishes for a satisfying main course.
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